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Founded in 1803, St. James’ is an historic and active parish in the village of Goshen. For over two centuries, we have sought to make God’s message of hope and love known in the Orange County community. 

Today, we continue to honor God as a vibrant and inclusive congregation. We are committed to ministries of prayer and worship, lifelong Christian learning, community engagement and outreach, and compassionate care for one another and for the world. We celebrate our growth, our diversity and the great privilege we have in welcoming all who seek to serve God in the world. We welcome all who long to know God’s reign of mercy and love. We welcome you!

We invite all—believers, seekers and skeptics—to participate in our worship. Whether or not you are a member of St. James’, there is a place for you in our search for God.  Jesus didn't reject people. Neither do we. 

All types of families and individuals are welcome!



St. James’ seeks to love and serve God through discipleship, community service and Eucharistic fellowship. We encourage spiritual growth and maturity by educating each other in the knowledge of the Christian Gospel. We seek to live in the  image of Jesus Christ and invite our neighbors to participate in our gathered faith community. 


The Rector

The Rev. M. Carl Lunden 

                Organist & Choir Director

Jacob Friedman

                 Associate Priest

                           The Rev. Yesu Duraikannu 


Saint James' Vestry

The Rev. M. Carl Lunden, Rector
Jessica Sutton and
Edward Connor, Wardens
Jerre Coleman, Treasurer
Christen Mayo, Clerk


Members of the Vestry

Class of 2025: Kathy Martin-Brown, Andrea Ely, Debby Brown

Class of 2026: Beth Hansen, Sara Hall, Brian Titsworth 

Class of 2027: Paul Brahm, Gloria Kingstrom, Alex Sanders


Joining our Community

Let us know you are here!

Please introduce yourself to our ushers and our clergy after the service. They will be happy to meet you! You are also encouraged to spend a moment at Coffee Hour to enjoy a treat and conversation with parishioners.


If you are an Episcopalian, simply let us know the name of your last parish, and we will write to request a Letter of Transfer. 

If you come from another Christian tradition (Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, etc.) and have been baptized, you may formally be received into the Episcopal Church.

If you have not been baptized, you may request baptism. Simply make an appointment to speak to the Rector.

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A welcome from Father Carl 

A New Welcome Video coming soon. 

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